About Us

Ebeano is Nigerian slang for "where good things are happening" and our flagship store is where it's at with roots that reach across the globe. In 2019 David and Peters thought it was time to bring the concept to Canada and offer something for everyone.

The story begins in the early 2000's when Peters Ityohuna started his Management position at one of Ebeano's first stores. From there he quickly grew to understand the grocery business and helped in developing more stores until he finally reached the position of General Manager. In 2014 Peters made a life changing decision to immigrate to Canada and he, like many others who are newly immigrated, had difficulty finding the comforts of home in this new country. Through hard work and dedication, Peters built a life for himself and his family along the way, he and David always remained friends. When David, a Nigerian businessman, who is co-founder of the original Ebeano Supermarkets in Nigeria came to Canada for a visit, the two businessmen created the concept for a Canadian version of Ebeano. By offering a variety of products from around the globe, they created the first Global Food Market. From there the idea took hold and the next two years were spent finding the right location and preparing for the launch on December 3, 2021.

Next step in the global grocery world? Online shopping and home delivery! Stay tuned!